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Trending September 2023 # Web Scraping – Filling In Forms # Suggested October 2023 # Top 10 Popular

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I’ve written about web scraping before using VBA, but never about interacting with the website to do things like filling in forms.

We had a forum question asking how to do exactly that so I tried using the same approach as I had previously with the HTML Object Library, but when it came to grabbing elements from the web page, the results were inconsistent. Sometimes I’d get what I wanted, sometimes not.

Then I remembered Selenium which is software that automates browsers.

You can use it to automate browsers like IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera and it works with many programming languages such as (but not limited to) C#, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, Java and R.

To use it with Excel you need to use the SeleniumBasic library which allows you to drive Selenium with VBA.

SeleniumBasic supports a smaller range of browsers than the full Selenium implementation, I chose to use Chrome. Please note that up to date versions of Firefox are not supported, and you will need to downgrade to a much older version of FF if you really want to use it.

Setting Up SeleniumBasic and Chrome

Download and install the latest release of SeleniumBasic

Download and install ChromeDriver

Create a reference in your VBA project to the SeleniumBasic library

Installing SeleniumBasic

You can download SeleniumBasic from GitHub.

Run the .exe file and follow the instructions.

Installing ChromeDriver

You need to install the version of ChromeDriver that matches your installed version of Chrome.

To check what version of Chrome you have installed, start it, and then in the address bar of a tab type chrome://settings/help and hit the Enter key.

I have version 80.0.3987.87 installed so I need version 80 of ChromeDriver.

Get the version of ChromeDriver that matches your version of Chrome from here.

You just need to match the major version number i.e 80, 79 etc

Download and unzip the version that works with your operating system. I’m running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit so the win32 file is the one I want.

Unzipping will give you just one file chúng tôi , you need to copy this to the folder where SeleniumBasic was installed. In doing this you will be copying over the version of chúng tôi that came with SeleniumBasic.

In my case the installation location was C:UserspgtAppDataLocalSeleniumBasic. It will be different for you and will depend on what version of Windows (or other OS) you are using.

Creating a Reference to the SeleniumBasic Library

With your new Excel workbook open go into the VBA editor (ALT+F11) and select the workbook.

You can now write VBA that accesses Selenium.

Practical Use – Filling in Forms and Looking Up Multiple Records

Choose a Member State from the dropdown, so ‘GB-United Kingdom’ in this instance.

The result gives us various information, but we are only interested in the company name, and need to extract that from the web page and put it into Excel.

We have a list of VAT numbers on our sheet and want to automate the process of looking up the company name associated with each one.

Interacting With A Web Page

In order to do something like fill in a form or extract data from a web page, we need to understand the structure of the web page.

We can use the Developer Tools in the browser to inspect the underlying HTML that constructs the page.

This will open a pane at the bottom of the browser like this

As we are interested in entering the Member State and VAT Number we need to know how to find those things in the HTML.

Notice that the highlighted element has an id countryCombobox. We’ll need that later.

Notice here that the element storing the company name doesn’t have an id, so we’ll have to use another way to identify it in our VBA so we can get the name into Excel.

We can do this using a method called FindElementByXPath.

Read more about using XPath in Selenium.

What this allows you to do is to refer to a HTML element based on its position within the HTML. You can use various tag names or attributes to indicate what piece of information you want.

We can describe the location of the company name like this

Now we know how to access the parts of the HTML pages we need, we can write our VBA.

VBA To Drive Selenium

Start by declaring and creating the Selenium driver.

I’m using a WHILE loop to work my way down Column A and read off the VAT numbers one by one. I’m using a variable called count to keep track of what row I’m on.

When the cell has 0 length (there’s no VAT number in it), the WHILE loop ends.

Next the code tells Selenium to Get (load) the website.

The next 3 lines use a method called FindElementById to interact with the bits of the web page we found earlier using the Inspector.

Using the SendKeys method you can send keystrokes or text to the selected element.

So I send the country code GB, then the VAT number read from Column A of the sheet.

The results page will now load and we can get the company name with this line, and store it in a cell in Column B. So if count has reached 3, we store the company name in B3.

Repeat the process until all the VAT numbers have been checked.

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