Trending September 2023 # Steps &Amp; Shortcut Keys To Apply Row Limit ? # Suggested October 2023 # Top 15 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Steps &Amp; Shortcut Keys To Apply Row Limit ? # Suggested October 2023 # Top 15 Popular

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Row Limit in Excel (Table of Contents)

Row Limit in Excel

Although we have a sufficient number of rows and count in Excel to handle ample data, we still have some limitations in the number of rows in Excel, which is limited to 1048576 rows in Excel 2023 Office 365. Every workbook has limited memory, allowing Excel to function properly without any crashes. We can insert multiple sheets if we still have data exceeding the 1048576-row count.

Hide Rows Which You Don’t Want to Show

This is not strange for you if you are old enough to excel in hiding and unhiding. A similar technique can apply here as well. We rarely use more than 1 lakh rows of data sets. I often don’t want to show unnecessary rows to the users. We can hide both rows and columns in Excel. Follow the below steps to learn this technique.

You can download this Row Limit Excel Template here – Row Limit Excel Template

Step 1: Select the row below where you want to display the number of rows. For example, if I want to display 1 lakh rows, I will select the row after 1 lakh. Reaching after the row of 1 lakh is not that easy. Scrolling till the 1 lakh row is not that easy. Place a cursor on the Name Box.

Now type A100001in the Name Box and Hit Enter; it will take you to the row after 1 lakh row.

Select this entire row by pressing the shortcut key Shift Space.

Pro Tip: We can press Ctrl + 9, the shortcut key, to hide selected rows.

Step 4: It will hide all the selected rows and display only 1 lakh rows.

Limit the Scrolling Area We can do this by using the VBA coding technique

Step 1: Open the Workbook you want to restrict.

Step 2: Press ALT + F11, the shortcut key, to open the VBA editor. It will show the VBA Editor window.

Step 4: Select Sheet 1 and press F4 to open the Sheet Properties window.

Step 5: Find the ScrollArea in this toolbox.

Type the area (range) in the worksheet to which you want to give them access. I have mentioned A1 to G20 in the below image.

Step 6: Close the VBA Editor window and Save the workbook. Now the user cannot move beyond the selected cells. We have limited the access of rows to the users.

Now test your worksheet. You cannot place your cursor other than the yellow-colored area.

Things to remember about Row Limit in Excel

The shortcut key to hide rows is Ctrl + 9. Use a horizontal number keypad.

We can specify any range in the scroll area to limit access.

Once the rows are hidden, we can unhide them at any time.

In the latest version of Excel, a maximum of 1,048,576 rows by 16,384 columns are available.

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