Trending September 2023 # Set Of Top 10 Tfs Interview Questions And Answers To Learn In 2023 # Suggested October 2023 # Top 14 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Set Of Top 10 Tfs Interview Questions And Answers To Learn In 2023 # Suggested October 2023 # Top 14 Popular

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Introduction to TFS Interview Questions And Answers

TFS is Team Foundation server software developed by Microsoft and is a version control tool like Git. TFS has a wide variety of software development tools that helps to integrate our IDE with version control, agile tooling, integrations, etc. We can set up TFS on-premise or create an account online for visual studio services, which Microsoft Azure manages, i.e., TFS on the cloud, to avoid the hassle of managing infrastructure. Visual Studio team services will get timely updates of TFS every two to three weeks, so we can always have an updated version of TFS if we opt for Microsoft Azure. With TFS, we can control the version and use it as a process improvement tool, which helps to increase the efficiency of the process and tracks the process of every team member and the progress we are making in the product.

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TFS can also collect different metrics to help report and track purposes. TFS won’t show metrics with better GUI, but it tells the developers or users these issues we must fix. There are many openings in the current job market based on tools like TFS. We will briefly examine different questions and topics you may encounter during the interview.

If you are looking for a job related to TFS Interview Questions, you must prepare for the 2023 TFS Interview Questions. Every interview is indeed different as per the various job profiles. Here, we have prepared the critical TFS Interview Questions to help you succeed in your interview.

This article will present the ten most essential and frequently used TFS Interview Questions. These interview questions are divided into two parts as follows:

Part 1 –TFS Interview Questions (Basic)

This first part covers the basic TFS Interview Questions and Answers.

Q1. How to integrate TFS with other non-Microsoft platforms?

Team Foundation Server can integrate with other non-Microsoft platforms using web services, enabling cross-communication among different computers. We can make TFS functionality available across all computers using these web services. Many companies, like Teamplain, built their clients on non-windows computers to access their applications or software.

Q2. Why doesn’t TFS unable to detect locally deleted files or folders?

TFS cannot detect the locally deleted files or folders because those changes happened outside of TFS, and trying to get those files or folders back from the Team Foundation Server. If the file or folder has no changes, then TFS thinks that the user already has the file or folder locally, as TFS maintains a list of files that the user has, and any changes made outside of TFS won’t update. So TFS is unable to detect locally deleted files. But there is an option to get back those files by using force get, and we can get the desired version.

Let us move to the following TFS Interview Questions.

Q3. How can TFS be compared to Perforce?

Team Foundation Server supports all everyday tasks like branching, merging, change lists, exclusive locking, remote disconnection, labeling, searching various properties on different persons like how much code they changed per project per iteration, etc. It also covers the paradigms like optimization for different branching scenarios, as many version control systems perform a full copy of branches as performance comparisons. Still, most of the systems won’t allow this.

Q4. What are the different types of functionalities provided by Team Foundation Server? Q5. How to roll back a check-in in TFS?

We can rollback the last check-in in TFS in different ways as below:

We can check out for the edit on the project folder in source control and check-in pending changes to the project folder in source control; if visual studio shows merge conflicts or resolve conflicts, we need to choose to keep local changes and check in.

Part 2 –TFS Interview Questions (Advanced) Q6. How to restore hidden debugger commands in visual studio? Q7. How to know whether a report is updated in TFS?

We can quickly know whether a report is updated in TFS as there will be an option for every report as “Date last updated” in the corner and then select the correct option to give details about when it was last updated.

Let us move to the next  TFS Interview Questions.

Q8. When are all team foundation features available in the team foundation server?

Team Foundation Server service will be updated every three weeks, whereas Team Foundation Server, which is on-premise, will update once in three months. On-premise will always be a little behind, but TFS on-premise has something that TFS service doesn’t have. We can have customized work items and customize process templates and use the TFS lab.

Q9. How to track your code by customizing the scroll bar in visual studio? Q10. What is the difference between TFS and GIT?

Team Foundation Server is a Microsoft product and supports nearly 5 million code lines, whereas Git is open source and supports about 15 million lines of code, and development is being done across the world. TFS is very secure as we can assign read and write permissions, whereas Git is less secure. We can do manual tracking in TFS, whereas in Git, we can’t. TFS will take nearly 30 minutes to set up, whereas Git will take less than 10 minutes. Finally, it’s a brief discussion about different topics and questions about TFS, which you might come across during the interview. I hope you are preparing well for the interview, and this article will help you further prepare for the interview and all the best.

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