Trending September 2023 # Netflix Audio Out Of Sync – Pc, Mobile, Tv, Console # Suggested October 2023 # Top 10 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Netflix Audio Out Of Sync – Pc, Mobile, Tv, Console # Suggested October 2023 # Top 10 Popular

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We sometimes face an issue on Netflix where the speed of audio doesn’t match the video. The audio out-of-sync issue is generally due to improper profile settings or glitches in the app.

Fortunately, we can fix these issues by checking our profile settings or in some cases lowering the resolution. There are many other causes & fixes to check out below.

Why Is My Netflix Audio Out of Sync?

According to Netflix itself, the audio sync issue is usually due to a problem with our device or the video itself. We have collected a few possible reasons why your audio sync is lagging. Try playing another video and see if the issue persists before moving on to fixes. If the video & audio are in sync, the specific video might be the problem.

Unstable internet connection or slow internet speed

Problems with browser

Lack of Update for Netflix apps or operating systems in mobile devices, PCs, etc

Problems with the audio setting in the profile

Possible glitches with the Netflix app itself

Fixing Netflix Audio Out of Sync

We have collected a list of possible fixes for you to try out below:

Choose a Moderate Resolution

If you are viewing content on Netflix’s HD streaming setting, this setting will consume the highest amount of bandwidth to provide HD quality.

The audio sync issue can occur when your device is not capable of providing more than 720 pixels of output or higher, or your HDMI or component video doesn’t support this output

For Mobile Devices

Sign into the Netflix application.

Find the menu option on the upper left portion.

Choose the option named account.

Scroll down and find the Profile & Parental Controls.

Select the profile that you are using.

There will be a change option next to the playback settings.

Under data usage, deselect high and choose medium or low.

For Computer

Sign into the Netflix site.

Select your profile.

Place your cursor on the profile, which will allow you to select the account.

Find Profile & Parental controls and select the profile you are using.

There will be a change option next to the playback settings

Under data usage, deselect high and choose medium or low

Make Sure the Internet Connection Is Stable

As Netflix is a fully online streaming service, slow or unstable internet will not get you a proper connection with the Netflix servers. Remember that you need a connection of 5 Megabits per second or higher to sustain appropriate connection speeds.

If the connection is not maintained with enough loading speeds, there is a major chance of the audio going out of sync as it will not extract needed data from servers on time.

Check your internet speed online. If your connection is unstable, try restarting the router and joining in with a new internet connection. If the issue persists, it’s best to contact your internet service provider.

If you are using the Netflix application, you can also check the speed and connection stability through the app.

Open your Netflix app and tap on your profile.

Find the option app settings.

On the bottom, you will see an internet speed test option.

This will redirect you to chúng tôi which will measure your internet.

Update Netflix App

Netflix’s app, website modality is always in constant development to fix previous bugs, errors, and issues. These interfaces are made keeping current updates of browsers, android versions, and iOS versions in mind.

So, if you face audio sync issues, updating everything on your end should be a priority to ensure that your software is up to par for its interfaces.

On Android,

On iOS,

Upate Operating Software

Sometimes, it’s not the issue with the app but the overall operating system. So, if you haven’t already, update your OS to the latest version.

Windows Update,

Go to the windows logo button on the taskbar.

Search settings and select windows update on the bottom of the left side.

Select check for updates.

If there are updates available, select download and install. This process will update everything needed on the device including the audio driver.

Android Update,

Go to your Settings app and find system apps updater.

Note: this process may vary according to the android model or brand.

iOS Update,

Change Your Audio Settings

The default for audio settings for Netflix is the English option. According to your devices, you may have chosen different variations. If you face audio sync issues, try setting it back to English or English stereo.

Got to Netflix and stream the lagged video.

Scroll over to the settings and select audio and subtitles.

Choose English or English stereo.

Disable Browser Extensions

Extensions like Netflix Tele party, find a fix, or super Netflix extensions are all useful extensions but if you face audio sync issues, try disabling them.

Go to the three-dotted menu on the top right-hand corner of the chrome.

Select the option for more tools.

Select the option extensions.

Remove the extensions you don’t need.

Disable Hardware Accelerations

Hardware acceleration is very useful if you have a good spec device. If your specs are low, it might create instability in the browser. Disable acceleration and see if the audio is in sync with the video.

Clean Cache and Browsing data

The go-to solution for any issues in a browser, whether it be audio sync or any errors, is cleaning your chrome’s cache and browsing data.

Go to the three-dotted menu on the right.

Select history and select clear browsing data.

Make sure you choose browsing data, cache, and cookies during the clearing process. We recommend the time range of all time.

Try Alternatives Browser

If your browser is not performing optimally, the audio sync issue might occur. Buggy Netflix Extensions, unstable hardware accelerations, or simple cache build need to be checked.

After checking the possibilities stated above, if the problem continues, try alternative browsers that support HTML5 and try the audio-lagged videos. Browsers like Chrome and Microsoft Edge support HTML5.

Clear Cache Data & Restart App

For Android,

Go to your Settings app and find the section named App.

Please select it and choose to manage apps.

Find the Netflix app among the lists.

Select on it and select clear data.

Once this is over, select force stop and Restart the App.

Offload and Reinstall App on iOS,

You do not have a specific cache clearing option in the new iOS. Offloading will remove the app will free up storage while keeping its data and documents on the device.

Note: these options may vary according to the brand and model of the android device. Clearing the data will delete the content downloaded for offline viewing.

General Fixes for TVs

Every TV brand has different settings. You can restart your TV and follow these general tips if you have audio sync issues.

Apple TV

Try getting the audio format to either to Dolby Digital 5.1 or Dolby Digital 5.1 to stereo

Try disabling the match frame rate option for the tv settings.

Change your HDMI output to YCbCr.

Samsung TV

Try finding the device’s sound settings and go to the expert settings.

Try entering values on the digital output audio delay manually or through toggle and see if the issue is fixed.

General Fixes for PlayStation 4/5

Here are a few ways you can solve the audio out-of-sync issue on PlayStation 4 and 5.

Switch to 5GHz Frequency of Wi-Fi

Note: This step is the same for both PS4 and PS5.

Check Video Playback Settings PS5

Go to the settings option.

Find the option named screen and video.

Choose the screen and video output.

Select the option called resolution and choose the option titled automatic.

Go back to previous settings and choose HDR.

Choose the option titled automatic.

PS4 Check Audio Settings PS5 PS4

Go to the settings icon.

Go to the sound and screen option.

Choose audio output.

Select the option audio format.

If you are using the sound from the TV speakers or headphones, choose linear PCM.

Select the appropriate Bitstream option if you use a soundbar that supports Dolby or DTS. 

If you have a basic soundbar, choose linear PCM.

Restart Your PlayStation

Unplug the PlayStation 4/5 and let it stay turned off for at least a minute.

Plug back the PlayStation 4/5.

Turn on your PlayStation 4/5 and open the Netflix app.

More Tips

Restart your device that faces the audio sync issue.

If the audio lags only on Bluetooth devices that you are using or external speakers installed. Try disconnecting these devices, resetting them according to their manual, and connecting them again.


The steps stated above would ensure all of your devices are up-to-date with proper settings to ensure smooth streaming on Netflix audio and video.

If the steps above didn’t work for you, the best solution would be to approach Netflix’s customer service.

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