Trending September 2023 # How To Unblock Microsoft Store In Windows 10 # Suggested October 2023 # Top 17 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # How To Unblock Microsoft Store In Windows 10 # Suggested October 2023 # Top 17 Popular

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How to Unblock Microsoft Store in Windows 10




If Microsoft Store is blocked, you won’t be able to look for any apps or download them.

This issue may be caused by different causes like a ban from your administrator or a problem with the app’s cache.

The dedicated troubleshooter can turn back things to normal in no time so try that.

You can also try enabling the app from the Group Policy Editor to make it work again.

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Some users have stated in forum posts Microsoft Store is blocked and some of them also received the error code 0x800704ec when they tried to access the app.

This problem may be caused by many causes. For instance, maybe your system administrator blocked the app from Group Policy or by editing the registry.

Another possible reason would be that some program is blocking the app. Your antivirus might also be responsible for that.

Anyhow, we will provide all the possible solutions to fix the Microsoft Store is blocked issue and you will soon find a resolution.

Quick Tip:

You should also try using a browser to visit Microsoft Store. Before creating these solutions, we undertook troubleshooting into the Opera One browser to check if there are any other issues whatsoever.

We tried it on Opera One because it has a VPN and can unblock restricted applications, games, and other content. You may also check your login credentials and if you have limitations placed by your ISP.

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How to fix the Microsoft Store if it’s blocked? 1. Open the Windows Store Apps troubleshooter

First, try opening the Windows Store Apps troubleshooter in Windows 10. That troubleshooter can resolve all sorts of UWP app issues.

Follow the guidelines above to open the Windows Store Apps troubleshooter.

2. Clear Microsoft Store’s cache

The Microsoft Store is blocked bypass issue might be due to a corrupted MS Store cache.

Users can fix that cache by clearin it. It’s very easy to do that if you follow the easy steps described above.

3. Enable Microsoft Store from the Group Policy Editor

If you got the Microsoft Store message that This app has been blocked due to company policy, you can also use your expert guide on how to unlock an app from Group Policy.

Expert tip:

We also have another great guide that will help you if the administrator has blocked a program on your PC.

4. Reset the Microsoft Store app

Resetting the Microsoft Store will basically clear all its data so it’s like you reinstall it fresh.

However, if you get the Microsoft Store is blocked code: 0x800704ec in Windows 10 you might also check our full guide on how to fix all Microsoft Store error codes.

5. Try using a different user account

If you have an alternative user account that you can log in to, try downloading it within that account. The app might download ok within another account.

Alternatively, users can set up a new user account. The steps above will help you set up new Windows 10 account.

Some users have confirmed that Windows updates fixed the error for them so it might be worth checking for and installing updates.

7. Turn off third-party antivirus software

Third-party antivirus software could be another potential factor behind the Microsoft Store blockage error. To ensure that isn’t the case, disable third-party antivirus utilities.

Those context menus usually include a disable setting of some description that users can select to turn off the antivirus utilities.

Those resolutions might resolve the error for some users so they can use Microsoft Store once again.

In the unlikely event that the app is still not working, you can check out our article about other general Microsoft Store fixes.

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