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Trending September 2023 # Examples To Implement Go Goto # Suggested October 2023 # Top 12 Popular

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Introduction to Go goto

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See in the below syntax we have written statement before the specific level 2, which means we want the program to jump to Lebel 2 during the execution of the code. This statement gives us the flexibility to switch from one statement to another. See the below simple syntax.

goto label 2; Lebel1 Lebel 2 …. Lebel n Flowchart

Below is the flowchart for the statement, where we are looking at its jumping from one statement to another with the help of the statement. Let us discuss the diagram in more elaborated ways.

In the below diagram first execution of the program happens from the start and statements will be executed.

Each time the execution happens and statement 1, statement 2, and statement 3 will execute.

Suppose in the meanwhile we wanted to jump from statement 1 to statement 3 without executing statement 2 then what we can de? We can use the goto statement.

See in the below diagram we are jumping from statement 1 to statement 3 with the help of a goto statement.

In the go-to, we have written goto statement 3.

In the same way, if we want our program to jump from statement 3 to statement 1 we can use the goto statement 1.

Using too many statements may create confusion for other developers who are debugging as we can see flow will not be in sequence.

Note: A important point we would like to mention here is that we should not use goto statement all the time, we should look if really needed then only we should use the statement.becasue if we use goto then we would not be properly able to manage the flow of the program as we have already skipped the actual steps.

Please see the below diagram and the flow of how we are switching from one statement to another.

How goto the statement works in the Go language?

Before understanding the flow of the working of the goto statement in the go language we need to understand the basic things behind its uses, suppose you are running a for loop over a certain registration number of students of the student and you do not want to perform any operation if you get some particular registration number instead you want to start again loop with next registration number in such type of the cases we can use the concept of the goto statement.

Once we write the goto statement go compiler expect for the level where we want to jump from the current label.

Each jump from one statement to another will not consider the missing label between the flow of execution of the program.

Hence we can understand that the goto statement allows us to run any loop the non-normal way or execute the loop in the way it is not designed for.

So by using goto unnecessary it will be very hard for debugging as we mentioned it will not go throw the normal flow of execution of the program.

I will not recommend using unnecessary goto statements because tracking will be very difficult.

Note: There will be a question that if we are using the goto for just jump from one statement to another then why we are not using simple if statement and avoid the execution of the statement? Actually, goto allows us to write a jump statement without any conditions and if you can stop the execution of one statement but go back or to some particular statement will not work.

Examples to Implement Example #1

In the below example we are trying to print all the numbers except 17 so so we have written a condition if the value of the variable is equal to 17 goto LOOP, which means the loop will start from the next number to the 17. Please see the below example along with the screen of the output.


package main import "fmt" func main() { var i int = 10 LOOP: for i < 25 { if i == 17 { i = i + 1 goto LOOP } fmt.Printf("The value the variable i is: %dn", i) i++ } }


Example #2


package main import "fmt" func main() { var i int = 10 LOOP: for i < 30 { if i%3 == 0 { i = i + 2 goto LOOP } fmt.Printf("The value of i with non divisible with 3 is: %dn", i) i++ } }



From this tutorial we learned some basic concepts of the go language goto statement, we learned its works with the help of a diagram and also we focus on some of the important examples. We discussed where to use and where not use the statement.

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