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Trending September 2023 # A Complete Guide To Flask Version # Suggested October 2023 # Top 13 Popular

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Introduction to Flask Version

The following article provides an outline for Flask Version. Flask is known as a lightweight framework for web application which is used in easy designing of getting started with a capability of scaling up to complex applications. Even though it starts as an uncomplicated wrapper around Werkzeug and Jinja, it turn out to be one of the most common web application frameworks of python. The peculiarity of the flask is that it provides suggestions, but any project layout or dependencies are not enforced. The decision to select the tools as well as libraries is based on the developer.

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Different Flask Versions 1. Version 1.1.x

Yet to release.

Support the static_folder’s chúng tôi which has stopped working finely in 1.1.2. #3579.

2. Version 1.1.2

Release date is 2023-04-03.

This version works around a problem when flask command runs on windows with an external debugger. #3297.

If the static_folder argument of flask terminates with a slash, then the static route won’t catch every URLs. #3452.

3. Version 1.1.1

Release date is 2023-07-08.

The flag flask.json_available added again with some extensions for compatibility. A deprecation warning raises when used, and get removed in 2.0.0 version. #3288.

4. Version 1.1.0

Release date is 2023-07-04.

Support for Python version 3.4 is dropped.

Static_url_path which has a forward slash as ending is supported. #3134.

dataclass objects is supported by jsonify(). #3195.

5. Version 1.0.4

Release date is 2023-07-04.

Import loaders as well as pytest 5.x for PEP451 is fixed#3275.

Instead of the stdout, message of dotenv which is on stderr is displayed. #3285.

6. Version 1.0.3

Release date is 2023-05-17.

Version of Werkzeug is displayed as output when flask –version is used which simplify the version of python. #2825.

attachment_filename which is a native Python 2 string is handled by send_file(). The bytes are in the format of UTF-8 codes. #2933.

7. Version 1.0.2

Release date is 2023-05-02.

Backward compatibility problems are fixed by merging slashes present in between a route and blueprint prefix. #2748.

8. Version 1.0.1

Release date is 2023-04-29.

Merging slashes present in between a route and blueprint prefix. Backward compatibility issues are fixed with change in 1.0 #2731, #2742.

Registering partials as view functions is fixed. #2730.

9. Version 1.0

Release date is 2023-04-26.

No longer supports Python versions 2.6 and 3.3.

Unicode is supported by sendfile() in attachment_filename. #2223.

The property chúng tôi no longer deprecates. #1421.

10. Version 0.12.5

Release date is 2023-02-10.

Werkzeug is pinned to < 1.0.0. #3497.

11. Version 0.12.4

Release date is 2023-04-29.

package layout issue in 0.12.3 is fixed by repackaging. #2728.

12. Version 0.12.3

Release date is 2023-04-26.

Python warning on imports during the time when python -m flask is used is fixed. #2666.

ValueError that occurs due to invalid Range requests is fixed.

13. Version 0.12.2

Release date is 2023-05-16.

Bug which is present in safe_join is fixed on Windows.

14. Version 0.12.1

Release date is 2023-03-31.

app.config.from_pyfile encoding behavior is fixed for Python 3. #2118.

15. Version 0.12

Release date is 2023-12-21.

Punsch codename.

Command cli responds to –version.

Support for range requests is added in send_file.

16. Version 0.11.1

Release date is 2023-06-07.

A bug that prevents working of FLASK_APP=foobar/ is fixed. #1872.

17. Version 0.11

Release date is 2023-05-29, code name: Absinthe.

before_render_template signal, Config.from_json() , flask.Flask.config_class, flask.Config.get_namespace() are added.

Subclasses of custom Jinja environment is accepted. #1422.

Deprecated chúng tôi #1484.

18. Version 0.10.1

Release date is 2013-06-14.

Registration of same method multiple times for the same endpoint triggered exception and it was fixed.

19. Version 0.10

Release date is 2013-06-13, code name: Limoncello.

Added template_test methods and template_global methods.

20. Version 0.9

Release date is 2012-07-01, code name: Campari.

Added flask.Flask.request_globals_class, required_methods, after_this_request(), flask.stream_with_context().

21. Version 0.8.1

Release date is 2012-07-01.

Fixed an issue with the undocumented flask.session module that does not work properly on Python 2.5.

22. Version 0.8

Release date is 2011-09-29, code name: Rakija.

Flask which is in debug mode detects some common issues and warns the user about the same.

23. Version 0.7.2

Release date is 2011-07-06.

Issues with URL processors that does not work properly on blueprints is fixed.

24. Version 0.7.1

Release date is 2011-06-29.

Future import which was missing that broke 2.5 compatibility is fixed.

Infinite redirect issue of blueprints is fixed.

25. Version 0.7

Release date is 2011-06-28, code name Grappa.

make_default_options_response() and create_jinja_loader are added.

A silent flag is implemented for config.from_pyfile.

26. Version 0.6.1

Release date is 2010-12-31.

An issue of not showing every valid methods in the header Allow is fixed .

27. Version 0.6

Release date is 2010-07-27, code name: Whisky

In registration reverse order, request functions are now called.

28. Version 0.5.2

Release date is 2010-07-15.

While using modules, loading templates from directories causes issue and it is fixed.

29. Version 0.5.1

Release date is 2010-07-06.

While using modules, loading templates from directories causes issue and it is fixed.

30. Version 0.5

Release date is 2010-07-06, code name: Calvados.

Added helper function, per-package template support along with static-file directories.

31. Version 0.4

Release date is 2010-06-18, code name: Rakia.

TESTING switch is added and DEBUG mode will be used when debug is enabled.

32. Version 0.3.1

Release date is 2010-05-28.

Unused code from flask is removed.

33. Version 0.3

Released 2010-05-28, codename Schnaps.

A support is added for flashed message categories, context binding and configurations.

34. Version 0.2

Release date is 2010-05-12; codename: J?germeister.

JSON support is integrated.

external URL support is added.

send_file() support is added.

Support for Google App engine is added.

35. Version 0.1

Release date is 2010-04-16.

First release which is public preview.

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