Trending September 2023 # 9 Methods To Fix Disk Management If It’s Not Loading # Suggested October 2023 # Top 17 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # 9 Methods To Fix Disk Management If It’s Not Loading # Suggested October 2023 # Top 17 Popular

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9 Methods to Fix Disk Management if It’s Not Loading Stuck at loading disk configuration information? Take a closer look at the services








If Disk Management is not loading, there might be the case of a file corruption problem.

However, if the app takes too much time to open, check if the hard drive is working properly.

To solve the issue, try to run a Windows command-line tool to scan for potential errors.



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The Disk Management tool provides handy options for disks, file systems, and volumes. However, sometimes you might get an Unable to Connect to Virtual Disk Service or Disk Management could not start Virtual Disk Service (VDS) on… error message.

Why my Disk Management is empty? Here’s another question that mustn’t get overlooked. It seems as though some of the system files are broken on your computer.

You will need to start the file-checking scan for the system. You can accomplish this by implementing the third method that we provide below.

Then the Disk Management app won’t load. If you can’t open the Disk Management window, this is how you can fix the system utility in Windows 10.

Why is Disk Management not loading?

If loading Disk Management takes a significant amount of time, the problem may be caused by the hardware on your computer. The corruption of one or more of the system’s files is yet another prevalent reason why it won’t load.

Disk Management is a useful tool that allows you to manage drives on your PC. However, certain issues can sometimes occur, such as:

Disk Management takes a long time to load – If Disk Management takes a long time to load, the issue might be caused by your hardware. To fix the problem, be sure to check if your hard drive is working properly.

Disk Management stuck on loading disk configuration – According to users, Disk Management can become stuck while loading disk configuration. If you encounter this issue, be sure to disconnect any unnecessary USB devices from your PC and check if that helps.

Windows 10 Disk Management not working – Sometimes Disk Management won’t work due to file corruption. If your system files are corrupted, you might have to run DISM or SFC scan to repair them.

Disk Management not initialized, showing anything, opening, loading – There are various problems that can appear with Disk Management, and sometimes these issues can affect older versions of Windows. Even if you don’t use Windows 10, you should be able to apply most of our solutions to the older versions of Windows.

Disk Management could not start VDS – This issue can occur if the required services aren’t running. To fix the problem, be sure that the VDS service is enabled on your PC.

What can I do if Disk Management is not working?

All these issues will be addressed below, so don’t worry as you are not the only one who encountered them.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the list of solutions for Disk Management not loading, Connecting to Virtual Disk Service issues, and more.

1. Try fixing Disk Management from the Services window

You can easily repair the Disk Management tool from the Services tool in Windows. See how to do that by following the steps above.

Most users don’t know what to do if their Windows key stops working. Check out our detailed guide and be a step ahead.

2. Run the System File Checker and DISM 2.1 Run the SFC scan

Scannow, or System File Checker, is a handy tool that can fix Windows system files.  So, this might also come in handy for fixing the Disk Management utility.

If you’re having trouble accessing Command Prompt as an admin, then you better take a closer look at our handy guide to fix the problem.

If the SFC scan doesn’t solve your issue, you might want to try performing a DISM scan. To do that, just do the following steps.

2.2 Run a DISM scan

DISM scan will now start. Keep in mind that the DISM scan can take up to 20 minutes or more to complete so don’t interrupt it. Once the scan is finished, check if the problem still persists.

If you were unable to perform an SFC scan before, try running it after the DISM scan. Once the SFC scan is finished, the corrupted files will be repaired and the issue should be resolved.

If the DISM scan failed on Windows take a look at our guide and get rid of the worries in no time.

2.3 Use a specialized tool

Using a dedicated tool can be a great help in this kind of situation because it repair and optimize systems automatically. It monitors your computer’s health constantly and keeps it at its best performance.

3. Consider using a reliable third-party tool

If Disk Management isn’t loading on your PC and you lack the patience to apply one troubleshot tip for another, you might want to consider using a third-party tool from the start.

Disk Management is indeed a convenient tool since it comes with Windows, but if you can’t start it, you might want to consider using the tool recommended below instead.

Hence, to find another third-party solution that can manage your disk and partitions, you definitely can proceed using the best disk management tools on Windows 10.

So, if you can’t run Disk Management at all, you might give it a try and see if it’s your cup of tea.

4. Check your hardware

Sometimes Disk Management won’t be able to start if there’s an issue with your hardware. To check if everything is in order, be sure that your hard drive is properly connected to your PC.

Expert tip:

In case there’s a problem with your card reader, you might need to take your PC to the repair center in order to solve the problem.

5. Disconnect unnecessary devices

According to users, issues with Disk Management can occur due to other USB devices attached to your PC.

If you have an external hard drive or USB flash drive connected, be sure to disconnect them before trying to start Disk Management.

In some rare cases, your phone can cause this issue to appear. If your phone is connected to your PC, be sure to disconnect it and try to start Disk Management again.

6. Make sure that Cyberlink Virtual Drive is running

This solution applies to you only if you have Cyberlink software on your PC. According to users, they were unable to start Disk Management because Cyberlink Virtual Drive wasn’t running.

7. Use Diskpart

Diskpart offers the same features as Disk Management, but it runs in the command line environment, so it might not be as user-friendly as Disk Management.

Diskpart is more complex than Disk Management, and since it doesn’t have a graphical environment, you can sometimes make irreversible changes to your PC by accident.

In order to avoid any problems and file loss, be sure to be extra cautious and read a tutorial or two on how to properly use Diskpart.

Sometimes, issues with Disk Management can occur due to certain bugs. If that’s the case, the best course of action would be to ensure that your PC is up to date with system updates.

Once the updates are downloaded, restart your PC in order to install the updates. After updating your system, check if the problem still persists.

If you’re having trouble opening the Setting app, don’t worry as we have already put together a detailed guide, just for you.

9. Create a new user account

After creating a new account, switch to it and check if that solves the problem.

If the issue doesn’t appear on the new account, you need to move your files to the new account and use it instead of your old account.

In case Windows won’t let you add a new user account, follow the easy steps we have included and create or add as many accounts as you want!

How do I restart the Disk Management Service?

If Disk Management is not loading in Windows 10 or connecting to Virtual Disk Service got stuck, you finally know what to do.

However important, Disk Management is not the only or the best such software. You can also use other efficient disk management software suggested in the article.

Being unable to connect to a virtual disk service is unpleasant, yet not impossible when having the right tips at your disposal.

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