Trending September 2023 # 12 Best Cleanmymac X Alternatives To Clean Mac In 2023 # Suggested October 2023 # Top 14 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # 12 Best Cleanmymac X Alternatives To Clean Mac In 2023 # Suggested October 2023 # Top 14 Popular

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Best CleanMyMac Alternative to Clean Your Mac In 2023 Top 12 CleanMyMac Alternatives To Keep Your MacBook Cleaned, Optimized & Protected!

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Our Recommendation:


All in One Tool

Perform Deep Cleans

A Quick Tip about CleanMyMac X

The most effective way to get best out of CleanMyMac is to use it in a combo. You can use Gemini 2 which is offered by the same software developer to clean duplicate files in addition to other junk.

Here Are the Best CleanMyMac Alternatives For Mac In 2023

1. Disk Clean Pro

What makes it more desirable?  Well, the fact, despite offering so much in such an excellent interface, Disk Clean Pro just costs $26.99 to provide users with a seamless experience while using their Mac.


Speedy & thorough cleaning to ensure no unwanted data is accumulated.

Most affordable Best Mac Cleaner & Optimizer that just costs $9.99.


Might have compatibility issues with older Mac versions.

2. Cleanup My System

Looking for software that can clean your Mac, optimize its performance and keep your privacy intact? Well then, choose none other than Cleanup My System. It’s a top-notch Mac tune-up application designed and developed by Systweak Software. It allows users to find and eliminate unwanted junk files, local mail attachments, caches, trash items, old/large files, and other redundant data that takes place on your disk over time. Additionally, this CleanMyMac alternative comes with features to manage Startup items, uninstall old applications, and clean privacy and identity exposing traces.

Download Cleanup My System

Complete Review on Cleanup My System


Helps in freeing up unnecessary occupied storage space.

Allows you to see which file/folder is taking up a lot of space on your storage.

Eliminate digital footprints to secure your identity online.


Lacks compatibility with other popular OS.

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3. CCleaner

No list of Best Mac Cleaner Software could get complete without mentioning CCleaner, one of the best CleanMyMac Alternatives for Mac. The software is a one-stop solution to provide thorough clean-up. Its standard version allows you to free up unnecessary occupied space, clear online tracks and helps you manage your machine to run faster. While its professional version boasts more features like Complete cleaning, keeping browsing history private, safely detecting and eliminating Internet trackers, Instant product updates, 24X7 customer support, and more. CCleaner is undoubtedly the best CleanMyMac alternative that keeps your Mac running efficiently to use in 2023.

CCleaner is undoubtedly the best CleanMyMac alternative that keeps your Mac running efficiently.


It is an all-in-one tool for cleaning & optimization.

Pocket friendly

Performs deep clean to recover GBs of disk space

Reliable CleanMyMac alternative that consumes low resources


Lacks protection against malware

Navigation is a bit cluttered

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4. MacBooster 8

Using this reliable CleanMyMac alternative software is relatively easy to use, has powerful features for efficient cleaning & comes with a full Mac security suite, including Virus Scan, Malware Scan & Privacy Protection.


It cleans up to 20 types of junk files to offer deep cleaning

It works on powerful scan engines to scan and remove junk even from the remotest corners of your device storage.


Compatibility issues with older Mac versions

Some users have reported security issues using this tool

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5. AVG TuneUp for Mac

The next best free alternative to CleanMyMac for your computer is AVG TuneUp for Mac. This powerful cleaner for Mac is designed to find & clean duplicate files, temporary files, Trash items, cache files, bad-quality photos, and a lot of other junk. It scans your system storage to clean hidden junk effectively. This fully automatic Mac cleaner works effortlessly on your device to save time. So, download this powerful CleanMyMac alternative now and make your Mac run faster than ever.

Download AVG TuneUp for Mac Here


This reliable CleanMyMac alternative effectively wipes out all the redundant data.

It uses powerful scan engines to deep scan and cleans your system storage.

Helps you organize your photo collection with duplicate photo cleaner features.


It lacks security features which is an important part of seamless Mac performance.

Expensive option in comparison to other products available on the market

6. MacFly Pro

When cleaning up junk files, eliminating duplicates & optimizing Mac to deliver speedy performance, MacFly Pro is the best betq. The Mac utility is designed to perform complete system clean-up and essential maintenance procedures that offer a noticeable performance boost. This reliable CleanMyMac alternative comprises three main modules:  Smart Assistant, CleanUp & Tools. Smart Assistance is specialized in notifying users about the desirable improvements required by Mac to perform better. The CleanUp module focuses on scanning and removing unwanted files, which makes the computer slow.

And the last module is dedicated to deep scanning that identifies files that might get left by the CleanUp module. You can download this fantastic Best CleanMyMac Alternatives for a 7-day free trial to find out whether it meets your needs or not.


Has a simple & intuitive interface to offer a seamless user experience.

It also handles duplicate files and obsolete apps.

Easy to use and reliable CleanMyMac alternative.


Compatibility issues with the latest Mac versions

Not suitable for power users

7. DaisyDisk

Apart from these excellent cleaning and optimizing features, DaisyDisk also features an integrated QuickLook functionality to preview the content before taking action.


It offers color-coded reports for easy viewing and understanding.

Top CleanMyMac alternative for budget users.

Offers an original visual interface that is easy to use


Compatibility issues with older macOS versions

Lacks security features

8. Stellar SpeedUp Mac


Supports cleaning of all major junk file types

Offers 30 days trial to help you explore various features

Helps you remove duplicate files and unwanted login items


Resource hungry app

Navigation could be improved

9. OnyX


Offers great support even for the latest Mac versions

Lightweight & reliable CleanMyMac alternative tool for both novice & pro users.

The top CleanMyMac alternative is available for free and performs all basic cleaning functions.


Not suitable for power users

Offers only basic cleaning features

10. Drive Genius 5


Reliable CleanMyMac alternative to building up an additional startup drive.

Capability to find and delete duplicate files.

Measure your optimal drive performance.

Ability to fix the majority of logical file problems.


Slightly more expensive Mac Cleaner & Optimizer than competitors.

11. Disk Doctor: System Cleaner

Last but not least in consideration, Disk Doctor is a fabulous CleanMyMac X alternative to choose from for your Mac. The software comes with a robust scanning and in-depth cleaning engine that identifies and removes tons of unwanted items from your Mac so that a significant chunk of memory can be released. It thoroughly eliminates app caches, logs, residuals, temp, large files, and other redundant data. Once the scanning process gets completed, Disk Doctor lets you preview a list of all the items in each category so that you can get rid of all the residues in no time. Disk Doctor is a convenient and reliable CleanMyMac alternative to increase the amount of free space on your hard drive without any hassle.


Comes with an intuitive interface.

Provides a full review of redundant files.

Easily remove gigabytes of unneeded files.


Poor customer support.

12. PowerMyMac

Designed and distributed by iMyMac, PowerMyMac is a brilliant device cleaner and optimizer that allows users to free up unnecessary occupied storage space and speed up their MacBook or iMac. The application comprehensively scans countless locations where junk and other clutter may accumulate on your device. With this CleanMyMac alternative, you can enjoy features like App Uninstaller, Privacy manager, Extensions Manager, File Manager, Similar Image Finder, Large & Old Files, and more. You will notice a significant performance boost after each scan with PowerMyMac.


Effective junk cleaner & duplicate finder.

Solid privacy protection module.

100% Safe to use CleanMyMac Alternative.

Enjoy a 30-day free trial.

Robust customer support team & other Help.


No disk space analyzer.


What are the best CleanMyMac alternatives?

Based on cleaning and optimization features, Disk Clean Pro and CCleaner for Mac are two best CleanMyMac alternatives. You can try these powerful Mac cleaner tools to deep clean and optimize your system for better performance.


What can CleanMyMac X do for you?

CleanMyMac X is comprehensive too, it helps you free up storage space, guards your system against malware, removes obsolete apps, removes unwanted files, and optimizes your overall Mac performance. The best part is, it works seamlessly on any Mac version.


What can I use instead of CleanMyMac?

Disk Clean Pro and Cleanup My System are some of the top CleanMyMac alternatives in 2023. The application comprises all the essential cleaning, optimization, and security features to keep your machine in tip-top shape.


Is CleanMyMac the best option?

CleanMyMac by MacPaw is undoubtedly one of the best cleaners and optimizers for taking care of your machine. But there are a lot of substitutes to the application that can perform the same functions like cleaning junk, duplicates, log files, app/system caches, useless localizations, and more.


Is CleanMyMac safe and free?

Yes! CleanMyMac is entirely safe when erasing gigabytes of junk and malware threats. It is notarized by Apple and holds Safety Database. The Mac Cleaner and Optimizer has earned several awards for its performance.


What is the best software for cleaning Macs?


What is the safest way to clean my Mac?

If you wish to clean your way, consider using a 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe or Clorox disinfecting wipes. Using them, you can gently clean the nonporous surface of your Mac’s display, keyboard, and more. To clean your computer from the inside, we recommend using a professional Mac Cleaning Software like Disk Clean Pro or Cleanup My System to get the job done.

So, That Was Our List Of Best CleanMyMac Alternatives!

Without a doubt, CleanMyMac is one of the most trusted Mac utility programs available in the market. However aside from it, there are few other options too which are featured-filled and probably provide a great performance boost to any Mac machine.

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